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We are a law firm in Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCR that consists of the most reputed lawyers having extensive knowledge and vast experience in the multiple disciplines of law. Our association with the legal profession dates back to 1984, bringing immense value and legacy to our organization.

Getting the right legal advice in legal disputes is the foremost step before availing of any legal remedy. Our top advocates in Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCR start from precise and straightforward legal advice, as the initial legal advice has a lasting impact on the outcome of the matrimonial litigation. When our renowned attorneys form a legal opinion in the cases, it requires an in-depth study of case-related documents, inputs from clients, and detailed discussions on various aspects of a case — all these factors are clubbed in & taken into consideration, thereafter, analyzed in the light of the latest judgments of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Courts.

As a leading Law Firm in Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCR, we give options to our clients to engage our renowned advocates at Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCR in civil, criminal & corporate law, or other matters that involve the drafting of pleadings, attending court hearings, conducting evidence, and arguing the matter till the conclusion of the proceedings. Being a trusted and flexible culture of our Law Firm in Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCR, we give options to the clients to go for our drafting services which include comprehensive drafting of pleadings (plaint/petition and written statement/reply) and written arguments by our most experienced advocates in Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCR, as per the convenience and tailored needs of the clients. This approach enables our clients to present a legally tenable case premised upon a stronger foundation of simple facts in accordance with the latest law on the subject.

Our Exclusive Drafting Services:

  • Drafting a legal notice;
  • Documented legal opinion;
  • Documented legal research;
  • Will;
  • Drafting a plaint, written statement, complaint, petition, Letters Patent Appeal, Special Leave Petition & replies to all the petitions;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Internal rules and regulations for companies;
  • Arbitration matters drafting;
  • Patent, Copyright & Trademark — objections and replies;
  • Compromise and settlement agreements;
  • Written arguments;
  • Other drafting-related services.
We have a Pan-India presence and represent our clients before all the constitutional courts of India. Our unfettered commitment to the clients and cause of Justice is a distinguishing feature of our Law practice. Our laborious work culture brings in the best talent of lawyers to our office which in turn ensures targeted results.

Honesty, integrity, and professional ethics are the cornerstones of our law practice. We believe in righteousness coupled with accountability, commitment, and confidentiality. Our work culture focuses on being transparent and fair to our clients regarding the course of litigation. Adapting to the needs of evolving times, we encourage alternative dispute redressal mechanisms for the settlement of disputes as a divine path to justice. Our best advocates in Chandigarh (Tri-City), Punjab, Haryana & Delhi – NCRn strongly support the idea of law as a tool of social justice and are dedicated to pro-bono work for the underprivileged as a part of our shared greater responsibility to society.

We at The Law Codes emphasize devotion to the Rule of Law and public interest in the daily functionalism of the legal profession — insists upon the citizens obeying the laws, the Executive, and the Legislature confining them within the allotted sphere of the constitutional framework. Transgression by one of these entities is a threat to the rule of law in a democratic system; whenever such contraventions or excesses occur, an independent judiciary shall enforce the command of the law.
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